GWO Training

The GWO Basic Safety Training courses are made up of 5 modules which consist of the following:

The above courses are valid for 2 years, shorter Refresher courses (GWO BSTR) are available for those that need to renew their certification.



Courses can be taken as a full package (GWO Refresher Package) or individually.


The New GWO advanced rescue training is made up of the following courses:

To be able to sit these courses you must have an in-date GWO working at height / GWO first aid and GWO manual handling certificate.

The 2 bolt on units below can be completed after the full course and has no certificate expiry:

GWO ART – single person rescue – hub, spinner and inside blade – 1/2 day bolt on – No certificate expiry date

GWO ART – Single person rescue – nacelle, tower and basement – 1/2 day bolt on – No Certificate Expiry Date


The new GWO Enhanced First Aid courses were released on the 1st October 2018, brought in to raise the skill level of those working on remote onshore / offshore wind Turbines.

GWO Enhanced First Aid – 3 days

GWO Enhanced First Aid Refresher – 2 Days (in-date GWO First aid or GWO enhanced first aid certificate required)


GWO Blade Repair

The New GWO Blade repair course runs for 10 days over a 2 week period for those looking to move into the Wind Turbine Blade Repair / Maintenance and Inspection role.


The Global Wind Organisation is an association of Wind Turbine owners and manufacturers with the aim of supporting an injury-free work environment in the wind industry.

In response to the demand for recognisable Basic Safety Training (BST) in the industry, the members of the GWO have developed a safety standard. The standard ensures that the work of any Certified Training Provider is competent and proficient.

The objective of GWO is to enable a common, industry-wide work practice that aims to reduce any safety and health issues for personnel working on a site.

Any holder of a GWO certificate is considered competent and knowledgeable within Basic Safety in the wind industry.

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