From Military Service to OPS


Mosese Guyaco

From Military Service to OPS Wind Turbine Technician

Meet Mosese, he is just one example of the many ex-service personnel who have successfully transitioned from serving his country to saving the world – quite literally.

On Thursday, April 7th, 2022, I walked into Catterick Leisure Centre with a purposeful stride, eager to participate in the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS) Career Fair. This significant step came merely a month after I submitted my Notice to Terminate from the Army. I entered the event with a resolute mindset, armed with a clear perspective on the direction I needed to embark upon for my new career venture. The anticipation and determination filled the air as I navigated through the venue, ready to explore the myriad of opportunities that awaited me in the civilian world.

As I entered into the room, my attention was immediately drawn to a vibrant, bright green-coloured stand adorned with decorations. Positioned there were two seasoned gentlemen, and as I engaged in a lengthy conversation with them, it became apparent that they possessed a profound understanding of the journey I was about to embark on. Having navigated similar paths themselves, they shared their experiences of providing full services to the RAF for Rick Ward (OPS-Wind Resource Planning Manager) and the Army for Gary Paterson (OPS-Training Centre Manager).

After a lengthy discussion I could see that employment within the renewables sector and predominantly the Wind Sector was the direction I wanted to embark on. What could be better earning a living whilst doing our upmost to help the environment.

Despite the lack of a guaranteed job upon completion of the required Global Wind Organisation or GWO certificates required to work on Wind Turbines. I made the resolute decision to book myself onto their ELCAS funded Level 3 Safe Working Practice in the Wind Turbine Industry package that would on completion award me with the relevant GWO certification required to work on the Turbines.  I maintained close contact with the two veterans who had generously shared their insights with me.

Fast forward 11 months, and I find myself having signed a full-time contract with OPS Wind.  My kit and personal protective equipment (PPE) are securely in my possession, all the necessary authorization paperwork has been completed, and I’ve successfully undergone the prerequisite training. The boarding manifest has arrived, and the company’s hired car awaits outside. With my bags packed, I am poised to hit the road. The only task left on my agenda is to enjoy my last night at home with my family.

Montrose Port beckons as the departure point, where I will board the Acta Centaurus, a Service Operations Vessel that will be my home for the next two weeks. Assigned to work alongside the Commissioning Team at the Seagreen Offshore Wind Farm, I am ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

He is not alone in realizing this opportunity; do you have what it takes?

For careers advice and guidance, sourcing of employment opportunities and funding for training, qualifications and equipment please click the link below to The Royal Marine Charity.

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